Z-Theory #13: another stab at articulating an idea

I started developing what I call the Z-Theory back on June 22, 2009. And it all started with a dream about a waterfall. I have received some angry responses to it, but I've also received some positive ones too. It angers some because it is apparently unorthodox and silly, while to others it has helped them make sense of something they've struggled with for so long.

I can speak personally that it has totally changed my life. I have experienced a radical transformation in my own mind and inner being. I cannot really explain it except that my mind has not known this kind of peace and joy before. It is possible, I have come to conclude, to experience this boundless peace and joy, and that we can know what it means to live in Love. The surface of my life is still choppy with turmoil and struggle, but in the depths there is a sublime calm that can only be experienced and hardly explained. I again preface my remarks with the disclaimer that whatever I suggest is falsifiable. I am only proposing based on what I have experienced or discovered.

I still contend that the structure of the z-theory is trinitarian. I suggest that there is an Ultimate Source which we cannot fully know or understand… a Inexhaustible Mystery, the Ground of All Being. This is the source of the falls which we cannot see from below. Some might suggest this is an ultimate super-super implicate order, a super-intelligence, but I would add that it is not neutral, but compassionate and personal. Religions, in their efforts to amass power, would like to claim that their interpretation of this Ultimate Source is the one and only god. But this is only superficial and divides the human race further. I would maintain that, for the most part, our articulations of this Ultimate Source is theoretical and propositional at best. We cannot prove anything. We cannot know for certain. We are guessing. To trust one propositional interpretation against all others is deficient.

Then there is the incarnation of this Ultimate Source or Ground of Being. This is the millions of gallons of water pouring over the edge of the falls towards the earth. This is the evidence that there is a Source which is inexhaustible. It is the appearance, the revelation, the unfolding, the blossoming, the falling out of the Source. It gives us an idea of what the Source is like, but only an idea. It can be viewed from the front, the sides, beneath and behind, and every angle looks different, but it is the one unfolding of the Ultimate Source. I suggest that all incarnations or unfoldings of the Source throughout time is One. It is timeless and universal. All limiting, special and restrictive claims upon this One Unfolding are held suspect. All things and all beings are caught up in this unfolding and are themselves smaller unfoldings within this larger unfolding. It is one movement with many movements within it, like ripples on a larger wave.

Finally, there is the flooding of the plain, our experience of the Ultimate Source manifested through the One Unfolding. We are the unfoldings from the Unfolded. The "spirit" is not a separate entity "out there". It is actually experienced in love. This is how it is known. As we work together for justice, peace and love, the unfolded extends and spreads throughout the earth. When we recognize that we are all one from the One, this is the "spirit"… not the spirit at work, but the spirit really. I hesitate to speak of "spirit" apart from matter. It is becoming more evident, for instance, that consciousness cannot be separated from brain matter. This watershed, which we are and are in, is the complete and total incarnation, the pouring out of the Ultimate Source into the everyday mundane life of every one of us.

I will continue to try to articulate what I mean. It is difficult for me, a person of average intelligence. If any of this upsets you then simply disregard it. The larger probability is that I have articulated it poorly.

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