Any Proof God Exists

I coach people through one of the most traumatic transitions we can experience: the deconstruction of our beliefs and faith. For many of the people I talk with, their greatest fear, over the fear of Hell, is the fear that they are going to become an atheist. To get to the place where we can finally admit there is no proof for the existence of God, and that even our thoughts and feelings can manufacture certainty and security, is a huge and for some an impossible step. I claim that at some point in our spiritual progress we have to wrestle with the concept of the existence of God. Like Jonah thrown into the sea before he knew about the whale, we cannot predict or predetermine the outcome. It will feel like a kind of death. Because it is! This is why so many avoid it. But I'm convinced that if we press on and allow this question to cook, we will be spit out on the beach a radically different person in a radically different place. From there lies a whole new life before us.
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