Are You a Heretic Too?

"Are You a Heretic Too?" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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The definition of a heretic is a person who holds an opinion "at odds with what is generally accepted."

Ya. That would be me.

And if you're reading this post, probably you, too!

Many years ago I expressed to a trusted mentor my fear of being called a heretic.

It wasn't so much the fear of being wrong as much as it was the fear of being labelled, rejected, and banished.

But when I learned that pursuing my spiritual independence meant living like an explorer, then I realized being called a heretic came with the territory.

Because most people, including those in authority, are very uncomfortable with difference and diversity.

Poor them!

(If you want a safe place to get comfortable with your heresy, join ... I'll personally welcome you and so will the other members.)

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