Are You Backsliding or Growing?

Are You Backsliding or Growing?

"Backsliding or Growing" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

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Making a healthy choice for yourself is always good.

Though others may not interpret it as healthy. 

But if you take steps to take care of yourself, to expand your experience of freedom, to walk in your authenticity, to establish your independence, then this is always good.

You will be accused of being selfish, misdirected, confused, backslidden, rebellious, stubborn, uncompromising‚ all kinds of things‚ because they don't want you to change. They don't want you to go.

But now you know you have no choice. 

You've discovered that to change means to forever and continually transform your relationships. If they are unwilling to change with you, to adapt, to provide space for you to grow as you yourself see fit, then it's their loss. 

They chose to lose you.

I commend people who choose to change and grow! They are courageous!

Rather than staying comfortable in their designated family, appointed friends, assigned religion, and inherited ideas, they pay the price and step out. 

What risk! 
What bravery! 
What necessity!

Because the urgency of change is now!

Growth happens!

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