Are you being spiritual abused? How to tell.

Are you being spiritual abused? How to tell.

when this becomes abusive cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward


People ask me if they’re being abused. They share their story. I try to hide my dismay as they describe the abusive conditions they experience.

We sometimes lack the tools to know if we’re being abused or not. We’ve been trained to accept our mistreatment as normal, necessary, and good for us.

It’s never normal. It’s never necessary, and it’s never good for us.

So, if you’re not sure you’re being abused, ask yourself these four questions.

  1. YOUR MIND: “Am I confused about what’s happening?” This is about being in control of your thoughts. Confusion can indicate a loss of power. It can mean that something is happening that you didn’t consent to.
  2. YOUR FEELINGS: “Do I have a weird feeling?” This is about being in control of your emotions, which can be overwhelming. Sad? Anxious? Panicked? Afraid? You’re having this feeling because it’s a response to what’s happening to you. Try to discern what’s causing it.
  3. YOUR WILL: “Would I have asked for this?” This is about being in charge of your personal agency. It’s about empowerment. You alone are the master of your life. If this is something you wouldn’t ask for, then don’t do it or receive it.
  4. YOUR BODY: “Why is my body reacting this way?” Increased heart rate? Sweating? Chills? Shivering? Pain? Headache? Tears? Often your body knows before you do that something is wrong. Listen to it. Then get your body out of there.

Others can inform you of your abuse. But your thoughts, your feelings, your will, and your body are all your personal tools to protect yourself from abuse and to live a healthy happy life.

Trust them and use them.

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