are you broken in?

Are you broken in by your pastor, leadership team and church? Don't answer yet. I was a pastor of local churches for about 30 years. I've also been a parent for 26 years. I've also been married for 33 years. So, I know what it means to try to control people. I do have to confess: I have tried to control people. Manage them. Manipulate them. Coerce them. I feel I am pretty self-aware and that I have always been interested in how to be a good pastor, a good father and a good husband. I've always cared about freedom... for me and for others. But I have failed along the way. Even the other day on The Lasting Supper I tried to manage a conversation that was getting heated. But my good friends there called me on it. I'm thankful for that community. I'm still learning. I also know what it means to be managed. I have served pastors and leaders who I really cared about. I loved them and their ministries. It wasn't until we'd already gone down the road that maybe Lisa pointed out my blind devotion to the man and their mission that had gotten out of hand. You see, even for someone who's worst fear is being trapped and controlled and who is passionate about his own freedom can get caught up in a person or program that threatens and even destroys these things he ultimately cares about. I have been broken in by pastors and leaders to serve them and their ministries and I not only didn't know it, but I invited it. They weren't malicious about it. They were sincere. But I was blinded by my own love, devotion, loyalty and sense of purpose and meaning and they used that to further themselves and their work. So I ask the question again: Are you broken in by your pastor, leadership team and church?
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