Are you feeling like a black sheep?

"Jesus and Black Sheep" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward) Order an affordable print of "Jesus and Black Sheep" HERE. Are you feeling like a black sheep? Part of the reason is because the white sheep are disturbed by the fact that you are enjoying or fighting to enjoy your rights and privileges. Not  your problem! Ultimately, none are excluded. What ends up happening is that the exclusive ones end up excluding themselves from the party. It's there problem. It's the old parable of the older son fuming outside while his prodigal brother enjoys the party. It was his problem. Maybe you used to be a white sheep, but because of some decisions you've made to set yourself apart and live your own life, you've morphed into a black sheep. Well... good for you! I hang out with a bunch of black sheep at The Lasting Supper, our online community. Come join our party!
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