Are you feeling trapped?

"Trapped" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward 30% OFF with code 'socool' HERE! >There have been many times in my life when I've felt trapped. Each and every time I came to realize I wasn't trapped at all. The trap was in my own mind. Once I realized I was free, I was free! Just like the cartoon above, once I realized all I had to do was embrace my freedom, that I was already free, then I could step into it. This didn't always mean I could or would leave what I had thought was the trap. But sometimes I did. I just walked away. Sometimes I didn't. I entered into my situation with a free mind. Regarding church I'm free to come and go as I please. Which is always the way it should be. Living free starts with thinking free. Do you want to FEEL FREE? Because you ARE! Come and meet a bunch of people who know what we're talking about here. Check out The Lasting Supper! We have a lot of fun as we learn to grow into our own spiritual independence. Seriously! ;)
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