Are You Really, Truly Trapped?

CLICK ON CARTOON TO SEE IT IN MY STORE There have been many times in my life when I've felt completely trapped. Let me share one example. It was my job. I was a pastor of a church and I hated it. But, I could see no escape. I had to work to support my family. I was only educated, experienced, and trained as a pastor. What else could I do? I sank into hopelessness and despair. Then one night I had a dream, a very simple dream, and upon waking I saw as clear as the rising sun that I wasn't trapped at all. I was totally free. So I quit! You see, what made me think I was trapped was actually my fear of the costs of my freedom. I wasn't trapped at all! I was just afraid of the risks of exercising my freedom. Yes, I was working the career I had specifically prepared for. Yes, I was receiving a paycheck. Yes, I had a reputation as a pretty decent pastor. Yes, I was totally committed. But I was afraid of losing my sense of vocation, purpose, and calling. I was afraid of not having money. I was afraid of not having a good pension plan. I was afraid of losing my reputation. I was afraid of throwing my years of education, training, and experience out the window. I was afraid of being homeless. I was afraid of endangering my family to financial uncertainty. When I awakened from that dream, it became crystal clear to me: I was totally free to quit, but I was only afraid of the uncertainty, instability, and threat this would invite. This is true for most situations where we truly believe we are trapped. Let's say you're in a bad relationship. Same deal! You might think you're trapped, and all the signs are there to confirm your belief. But when you peek inside the belief, you may actually see that you are free to walk. What's really holding you back is your fear of the risk, the cost, and the extremely hard work of being a free person. Perhaps you feel trapped in your church and even in your religious beliefs. The same rule applies. You're not trapped! The bars restraining you are actually your own thoughts‚ thoughts of the price of walking away from it all. It is expensive! I know. I've paid the fee many times. But I want to tell you something very clearly: it's worth it. Every single penny! It comes down to this simple question: Would you rather be paid to be trapped, or would you rather pay a hefty sum to live free? And here's the final word: the total sum is already in your own pocket! (If you want support for this with a community of freedom-seekers, join The Lasting Supper!)
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