Are You Surprised By Who Spiritually Abused You?

Are You Surprised By Who Spiritually Abused You?

no spiritual abuse cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward


One of the most insidious realities of abuse is that it is often inflicted by those we trust. 

The very ones we surrendered ourselves to are the very ones who harmed us. 

Another insidious reality of abuse is that the perpetrators feel entitled to do so. Even divinely appointed to do so. 

When they're challenged on their abuse, they say it’s God working through them.

Or they say you permitted it. 

I'm not speaking theoretically. I'm a survivor of spiritual abuse. 

So I have huge admiration for survivors of abuse. 

The courage, boldness, and voices of the survivors I know inspire me.

For me this is expressed in a two-fold way.

On the one hand I will continue to advocate and seek justice for them.. 

On the other hand I will continue to challenge the Church and other institutions and leaders that perpetuate abuse.

So that together we can learn how to do community in a healthy manner.

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