Are You Truly Free?

"Free in There" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

“Are You Truly Free?”

I had settled for the belief that we can never really be literally free in this lifetime.

But let me tell you a story:

One night after going to bed feeling completely trapped, hopeless, dark, and ready to give up, I had a dream.

I woke up the next day a free man. And I mean literally.

It was all in my mind. I realized I was literally free, and I literally was.

I think you can be literally free. And feel it too.

You might argue, "But I have limitations. There are conditions under which I live that you don't understand!"

I know! I did too.

I believe it’s good and healthy to commit ourselves too. For example, I’m married. I’ve chosen to use my freedom to love someone for the rest of my life. I’ve willingly given up a certain kind of freedom for a better one that I prefer. And I’m glad Lisa has too.

Listen to this: one of the freest people I know was a woman I met in her autobiography, “Life and Death in Shanghai”. It's the story of Nien Cheng. Even though she was a prisoner under cruel conditions, she acted as free as any of us could imagine. Yes, she was in prison for a long time. But she was more free than most of us on the outside.

Yes, you can be free. Because you already are.

Don't believe those who profit from your servitude.

Be free!


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