Are Your Questions Making You Afraid?

"The Fear of Questions" cartoon by David Hayward


Are some questions making you afraid. I know what it's like. I've been there. Questions like: Am I going to Hell? Is there a God? Was Jesus real? What happens after I die? What if I've made a terrible mistake? Am I confusing my spiritual independence with rebellion? What if I'm really backsliding instead of growing? If I don't believe in miracles anymore, who's going to rescue me? Is keeping my integrity in my personal growth worth losing friends and family over? These are very real questions that can strike terror in the bravest of hearts. But I believe these questions, if respected, can shine a light in the darkness and lead to incredible insight. You can enjoy peace of mind in your lifetime! I know this from experience. Are you experiencing an existential crisis? A spiritual emergency? Then let's talk!
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