Arizona will finally be free of homosexuals!

(***UPDATE: Apparently this is a hoax. However, let's pretend it's true, as many would like it to be and many honestly do think this way.) Sit any 12 year old child down who thinks he's gay and tell him:
"Listen! You're really not a homosexual. God created you heterosexual. So you're disobeying God. You're sinning. You are turning yourself into a freak. Now you have a gay demon, and it's all your fault. Things will not go well for you. You are going to be ridiculed, persecuted, judged and you will not be able to enjoy your rights. You won't have friends of the same sex because you'll just want to have sex with them. You are going to walk funny. You are going to want to have sex with everything, and you are going to be a child-molester. Then when you die from AIDS, you will go to Hell to burn forever. Now, would you like us to help you be straight?"
What do you think he's going to say? What if all Arizona public schools were going to use the very controversial People Can Change program, also known as "gay-to-straight therapy"? Here's one of the supposed things Huls of People Can Change, said:
"Since 2000 ‘People Can Change' has been helping thousands of children resolve their unwanted same-sex attractions. We bring the gay demons out of these individuals so they can become who god intended them to be Facing the reality that you have unwanted homosexual feelings can cause tremendous turmoil – especially as a child whose feelings conflict with deeply held values, beliefs and life goals. But there is a way out. A path that leads them to resolve rather than fight their homosexual feelings. A path to authentic brotherhood and to our innate heterosexual masculinity."
You've heard of Arizona's controversially tough sheriff Joe Arpaio. Here's what he was supposed to have said:
"Less gays in our jails makes for a smoother running prison system. There will be no more prancing around along with all the other gay activities that homosexuals like to do More importantly, we as parents can now sleep a little better at night just knowing there will be less gays out there wandering the streets trying to molest our children.”
Even if it's not true, I know there are those who would like to believe it is. I've talked with people who actually believe these things about homosexuals:
  1. They don't want to be gay.
  2. They are demon-possessed.
  3. They weren't created gay.
  4. They are disobeying God.
  5. They go against our values, beliefs and goals.
  6. They can't have meaningful friendships with people of the same sex.
  7. They are broken.
  8. They are a bother.
  9. They prance around.
  10. They are all promiscuous.
  11. They are dangerous to our children.
  12. They infest prisons and make running them difficult.
  13. They prowl the streets looking for victims.
  14. They are child molesters.
Have they ever considered that the enormous pressure to not be gay, the shame, the ridicule, the judgement, the condemnation, the negative ramifications on their lives have they ever considered that these are the reasons people would rather not be gay? If they were accepted, appreciated, affirmed and allowed to live free lives like heterosexuals can then I bet most gays would want to be gay. People can change. That's true. But apparently the people who need to change the most are the ones in power, and they simply won't! Join The Lasting Supper, a safe place to be gay.
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