asking for something that's already here

A good father doesn't want his children to beg. Ever. A good mother doesn't require her kids to plead before she delivers basic necessities... like her presence.

If we train people to believe that they lack something, especially a basic need, and that you have the remedy, but that it requires them to perpetually apply to get it, like a lottery, then you've got a life-time customer. Right?

So I drew this cheesy little cartoon to illustrate the fact that this poor worship leader is begging for something that he doesn't need to beg for. If there is a God, then this God is over all things at all times. If there is the Christ, then this Christ would be the All in the all things at all times by the Spirit.

I'm guessing that it's this type of gimmick that confuses people and either creates mass stupidity or individual rebellion.

I'd say to the guy: "Put the guitar down. Stop your pleading. Open your eyes and look around. Everywhere!"

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