at least he's not a racist

Yes, the title recalls Tony Jones' post, "I'm Tired of Being Called a Racist". I think this post brought something to light that needed to be. We are being called on our blindspots. That's a good thing. Just because you're hot in one area doesn't mean you're not cold in another. I'm entangled in systemic racism and so, almost without being able to help it, I am involved in racism. That I must humbly admit. Read this excellent analysis by Brittany Lewis of Kanye West's new album "New Slaves", "Kanye West is the Most Dangerous Black Man in America", to get a glimpse of what I mean. An excellent and insightful article that should disturb us in a good way. I'm entangled in systemic misogyny and so, almost without being able to help it, I am involved in misogyny. My wife knows I'm not sexist, but once in a while she'll call me on some stupid thing I say or do that, if I follow the tendrils long enough, have their roots in systemic sexism. That I must humbly admit. And this is the point. Just admit it! We have to be honest about the condition of the foundation if we want to build any kind of edifice worthy of living in. I'm sure everyone involved in this theological conversation would agree. Yes, I'm sure. So what if Hitler loved dogs? He had some pretty serious shortcomings. Just because someone is genius in one area doesn't mean he's not idiotic in another. Just because someone can throw a baseball over 100 mph doesn't mean he's a good husband. What are we after? Specific, isolated skills or whole individuals? There's a lively discussion going about this very issue over at my friend Amy's blog post, "In Defense of Superstars", where she simply challenges some superstars to be more honest about where their blind spots might be. Follow some of the links to Tony Jones and Pete Rollins, etcetera. Interesting stuff!
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