Atheist or Believer: Non-Binary!

"Atheist or Believer: Non-Binary!" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

(Description: A person asks another person sitting at in a cafe, "So are you an atheist or a believer? Which is it?" The other replies, "Non-binary!")

Non-binary is used in reference to gender.

I'm using it here in reference to belief, faith, religion, and spirituality. I have another cartoon where a person calls herself "Belief-fluid", and I think that's a valid position to hold.

Believe me, I know how scary this can be to those of us who were raised in Christian churches where we were constantly warned, "Choose this day whom you will serve!" and "If you're not for me you're against me!" and that you had to constantly make the decision to be born again and again and again and to die daily for Jesus. It wasn't a joke!

But I'm very comfortable in this fluid state where I make a conscious and courageous decision to not relate to, be composed of, or involve just two things (wikipedia). Like I've said before, I am a river of many streams.

And so are you! And it's okay to own it, embrace it, and live it!

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