Baby Jesus and Astrology

Baby Jesus and Astrology

astrology cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

The three wise men on camels. One says to the others, "I'm having second thoughts about finding this kid. I've seen into the future and when he grows up he sends us to hell for dabbling in astrology."

I'm often asked what I think about astrology, tarot cards, Ouija boards, witchcraft, prophecy, pagan rites, crystals, and all sorts of different kinds of spiritualities and practices.

(Disclaimer: When I say "spirituality", I'm not invoking divinity and the supernatural, but talking about our inner lives that may or may not include this. I'm not talking about divinity here, but our human spirituality.)

Short story: Years ago I attended a Wellness Expo for a weekend. What a bizarre and lovely time! I was immersed in a vast diversity of spiritual cultures and an incredibly delightful mixture of wonderful people too. 

I believe all these different practices, including Christian devotional ones, are simply tools. Tools for personal and spiritual growth.

These tools don't cause it to happen. Rather, we apply what we discern, intuit, or learn from the tools to our inner lives.

For example, The tool didn't fix the car. You fixed the car with the tool. 

Whether it's a magic wand or meditating on a Bible verse, how we understand what occurs then integrate it into our lives is where the energy is.

In other words, it is we who have the power, not the objects we superstitiously assign power to and use in our spiritual practices.

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