Bad Sheep: A fun children's book about emotions!

CLICK ON IMAGE TO READ MORE CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THE BOOK! I am so happy to be collaborating with children's author, Autumn Calvert, on this book, "Bad Sheep". "A story about 4 little sheep playing a game of rhymes. One little sheep gets a tricky idea, and they all have a good laugh." “Bad Sheep” is a children's book designed to help children learn to name their emotions. Naming emotions and feelings is the first big step in the process of learning to control them. Autumn talks about why she wrote the book and asked me to illustrate it: "My little boy is amazing and tricky. He is a serious practical joker. (For instance, my mother is still looking for the knob to the box fan. It has been 2 months since our visit. He is a tricky little sheep.) He is also diagnosed autistic and has verbal apraxia which severely limits his ability to speak. Most children on the spectrum have a difficult time controlling feelings and emotions. My son was no different. Through research, paying attention, and a whole lot of trial and error, I learned one important lesson: He did not know how to name his emotions! Teaching him to name his emotions and feelings was a huge marker in his development. David Hayward , the illustrator, and I worked together to make certain the characters emotions and feelings were apparent. It worked! The emotions and feelings of each character jumps right off the page! This book will be an asset to any parent, teacher, or loved one. All children deserve the gift of learning to control their emotions. This book is a tool for children to learn they can name their emotions and feelings. For parents, this tool opens door to help their children learn how to handle emotions in healthy ways. The gift of learning how to control feelings and emotions will last a lifetime!" READ MORE ABOUT THE BOOK AND HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT THIS IMPORTANT PROJECT!
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