"Balloon" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


“I'm throwing the balloon out today.” “No you're not. It's still floating. Kinda. And I like it.” “How did it last so long? They don't usually last this long.” “That was a fun party.” “Ya, it was.” “Ya, it was. We should do that again soon.” “Honey, it's in the way. You may like it but it's mine and I don't want it anymore.” “Hahaha. Remember that night it somehow drifted into our bedroom when we were sleeping and just hovered over you like a mother?” “That wasn't funny. It freaked me out. It's like it found me or something.” “Well, it's yours.” “Can I please get rid of it? It's served its purpose. It's garbage day today.” “You want to throw out your mom?!” “Seriously though! I'm through with it.” “Whatever!” “Why are you so attached to the stupid thing? It's just a balloon!” “It wasn't just a balloon when you got it. But seriously. Whatever.” “It's history. Now. To me.” “Okay. If you want.” “I'll put it in the closet until you say okay. Deal?” “Well what'd be the point in that? I'm not attached to the balloon itself. I love what it reminds me of. The party! We had fun. It reminds me that we enjoyed ourselves. We were happy!” “We were. I want to be happy more.” “Me too. That's what I mean.” “But do we need a balloon to be happy?” “It just helps me remember. That's all. It makes me feel an echo of that happiness.” “I love you.” “I love you too.” The next week he threw out the balloon. Actually, he didn't throw it out. He released it outside. He watched it for a few minutes. Felt a little bit sad. Later, on his way home from work, he bought a new one.
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