Belief, Unbelief, and Being in Love

Belief, Unbelief, and Being in Love

"Belief, Unbelief, and Being in Love" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

The father of one of my first girlfriends wanted to meet me in order to pass a test. 

He asked me to look at the wallpaper on their dining room wall and tell me what I saw.

I saw nothing but wallpaper. 

I failed the test. 

He said that there were faces of demons in design of the wallpaper, and the fact that I couldn’t see them was proof that I was demon-possessed.

He pronounced that I had a “pharisaical spirit” and couldn’t date his daughter.

I often talk with people who are terrified because someone they love doesn’t believe the same way they do or doesn’t believe at all.

They are afraid that they are: 

  1. disobeying God by unequally yoking them to an unbeliever
  2. blinded by love and making a foolish decision they will regret
  3. stepping into the trap of a terrible relationship

My strategy is to encourage them:

  1. If there is a God (not all of them are sure), then this God should be loving, gracious, and caring, and desire your genuine happiness.
  2. Love is wonderful and, if you find it, enjoy it. Love not only covers a multitude of sins, but is the essential glue of a healthy relationship… not compatible beliefs!
  3. I know many healthy relationships where they differ in their beliefs. In fact, Lisa and I started out on the same page and now are on very different pages. We’ve discovered, like so many couples, that having space for others in all their diversity makes for an extremely rich, satisfying, exciting, and long-lasting relationship.

Don’t let the narrow-mindedness and fears of others rob you of love.


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It’s a good point. But does the truth depend on our beliefs?


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