Believing a Woman's Story Isn't Enough

"We Don't Care" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Apparently‚ no, obviously‚ it's not enough just to believe a woman's story about her experiences of harassment, abuse, or assault. We must care. Then we must act! When people want to know if the woman asked for it, dressed for it, needed it, or if they want to know her sexual history and previous complaints, then they betray the fact that they indeed probably do believe her story, but the reason it happened must be her fault, or she's interpreting the experience wrong. In fact, it's becoming more and more clear to me that many men think it's okay to make advances towards women, touch them, innuendo them, hit them or penetrate them, all without her permission or, in the case of alcohol or drugs, without them even being conscious of it. In fact, I will take this further to suggest that many men assume just because of what a woman is wearing or what her shape is or what her voice sounds like or where she is in the workplace or how she looks at them or what she likes or how she walks or how she eats or whatever, that the woman is giving the green light for men to advance. In fact, I will go even further to claim that for some men they believe that just being a woman gives them the right to advance. Yes, the first step is difficult‚ getting people to believe your story. But the second step is even more difficult‚ getting them to care! Then the third step should automatically follow‚ getting them to do something about it.
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