Benny Hinn and why i believe in heckling

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This is Benny Hinn being heckled at the airport. You can read a full account The heckler said, "World's greatest scammer, Benny Hinn." I personally know people who have worked for Hinn. I was also in on a couple of meetings involved with organizing a Benny Hinn crusade. So I suspect the heckler is on to something. Heckling! I think these kinds of things should happen because:
  1. It is healthy that religious leaders are no longer untouchable and must be unquestionably treated with undue respect.
  2. For too long questionable practices by religious leaders have gone unchallenged.
  3. Why wait? Why not question something someone says and does on the spot?
  4. This gives voice to the every day people who normally don't have access to these leaders. The opportunity to give his opinion was immediately taken by the heckler in a public venue. Perfect.
  5. If anyone says it is unbiblical FAIL! If you read the bible at all, you know that Jesus was heckled and even he himself heckled other religious leaders. Verbal interaction, sometimes heated, was a part of that culture and can be of ours.
  6. Dialog instead of monolog is always better. I know because I practiced it when I preached in churches, and even though sometimes it was uncomfortable, and although sometimes I was heckled, it was always healthier for so many reasons. I welcomed it.
  7. This is going to make leaders more careful in what they say and do, realizing they are being scrutinized and that at any time someone could be recording and videoing what they are saying or doing and could send it viral within hours. They're being watched and they should know it.
  8. This raises awareness of others in the audience or bystanders and may increase the chance for truth and justice to become a more public concern.
  9. If Hinn and others heckled are on their game and speak truthfully with integrity, then this gives them the opportunity to defend or explain or even apologize for their words and actions.
  10. This just makes life more interesting.
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