Betrayal: Do you know who your friends are?

The sad truth about betrayal is that it's done by a friend... someone you trusted. Otherwise, it wouldn't be betrayal. Therefore, there's no guaranteed assurance that it can't or won't ever happen. Therefore, can we choose to not be overly cautious with our trust and love? For me, it's better than living in constant fear, suspicion, lovelessness, and loneliness. I've been betrayed a lot by a lot of people! I loved each and every one of them very much. I've learned that the best thing for my health is to move on as quickly as possible, forgive them as fast as I can, and dive right back in to loving other people and trusting them. Some might think I'm just setting myself up for betrayal again. But is there any other way? BTW, there's a huge giveaway going on over at Brazen Church. Enter HERE!
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