bible for brains

It gets very frustrating when I try to initiate a conversation on a topic and people quote scripture after scripture after scripture. Then when I say I don't agree with their view of scripture, they quote more scripture to support their view of scripture. Then when I tell them that this is ineffective because, as I've already said, I don't agree with their view of scripture, then they quote more scripture with warnings of divine punishment because I don't agree with the scripture. It's a terrifying loop to get caught in. It's a closed loop whirlpool with many victims that seems to be, while you're caught in it, the only legitimate world there is. Once you're out of it, though, you see its claims as extravagant and false. I have a bible. In fact I have many. I don't need anyone quoting me long passages of scripture. My cartoon the other day, Gays Confessing, got a lot of that kind of response. Including my personal Facebook page, my nakedpastor Facebook page and my Twitter. I was accused of not knowing my bible and being ignorant of its contents. One of my Facebook updates last night was:
"There's biblical precedent for thinking you're right with all the biblical support you need while at the same time being terribly wrong."
That doesn't seem to cross some people's minds. It's almost like if the bible was removed from their think tank their tank would be empty. Fundamentalism depends upon a literalist interpretation of scripture that trumps thought. It is important to provide safe places for people to deconstruct their view of the bible as they seek to live spiritually independent lives.
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