Big Sea Small Boat

I'm feeling disoriented. I feel like I am a singer who no longer sings with the choir. I've gone solo. And I'm scared. How am I going to provide for my family? In spite of the readership, my blog doesn't make any money. I will keep cartooning, but that doesn't make any money either. I will continue painting and selling my art. But I tried being a full-time artist for a year a while ago. Not pretty. I know, from experience, that we have been provided for in the past. I trust. But we've really stepped out here and taken a huge risk. I have to tell you: I'm scared. And my blog: I think I've already lost some readers because I'm no longer a pastor of a local church. Some people think I no longer have a valid voice. But I had coffee with a young woman today who says I'm still a pastor. She said, "If a doctor isn't on staff, does it mean he's no longer a doctor?" No. I am still a pastor. I still care for the greater flock. But I'm feeling bewildered. I'm not sure how this is going to turn out. I feel like a man without a country. I just felt, in order to be fair and honest with you, that I had to tell you this. I am the nakedpastor I don't have it all together. I remember the saying that President J. F. Kennedy had on a plaque on his desk: "Oh God thy sea is so great and my boat is so small." And I have no motor, oars or sail.

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