Bono, Sheep, and Leadership

I do love the image of sheep. You ve got to hand it to Jesus. (laughs) That is a great one, sheep, isn t it? Because there s something like: pigs are intelligent, they re useful farm animals as they wallow in the muck. But sheep! They re useful for making jumpers, of course, but they really are pretty dumb. The great image of mankind. And they move in packs as well. They all head off the wrong direction together. There s no particular leader, anyone can become a leader, and anyone can be right for a particular stampede. They re so frightened, and not even aware that they re of great use for making woolly jumpers, or when they re dead making sheepskin coats for secondhand car dealers. (laughs)   (Bono, in Bono in Conversation with Michka Assayas, Riverhead Books, pp. 72f). 'Nuf said!

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