Boxed Out Boxed In

boxed out boxed in cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward


A group of people is huddled inside a line being drawn by one of them in the shape of a church and drawing another person outside the line.

Weird. When I drew this cartoon I really felt it.

I've experienced being excluded from a community.

Call it what you will. Excluded. Rejected. Marginalized. Fired. Kicked out. Shunned. Removed. Unfriended. Expelled. 

Have you experienced this?

Maybe you've experienced this just because of who or what you are.

Here's the thing though: when the church excludes certain people, they miss out too.

Imagine if more churches were truly welcoming and affirming of LGBTQ+ people... how much richer their communities would be!

Wow. Just think of it.

So, yes, those who are boxed out miss out.
But those who are boxed in miss out too.

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