Brandan Robertson and censorship

"Brandan Robertson" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward This cartoon was commissioned by a concerned party. Prints are available here. I spoke with Brandan this morning and I asked him what one word he would use to describe the sentence he was passed. He replied, "Censored!" This must be a disappointing, sad, and confusing time for him. As was reported by Time, Brandan wrote a book for the Christian publisher Destiny Image. When he came out, Destiny voided the deal. The reasoning was that since he came out as queer and supports same-sex marriage, no Christian book sellers would buy the book. Therefore, because of economics, Robertson was dropped and was handed back his" manuscript with all the rights. Robertson himself claims that the book has nothing to do with sexuality. He wrote it as an evangelical for evangelicals. Apparently, evangelicals... those who matter anyway... aren't interested. Again, this is why I appreciate the internet. In the past, stories like this would have gotten lost in the shuffle. Now, we can all know within minutes the unjust, unethical, and unfair policies held by people and places of power and the tactics" they employ to enforce them. I feel certain" that a publisher will approach Brandan to pick up the book. What author and what publisher would not appreciate the buzz surrounding a" book even before it has a publisher? Brandan is confident that things are going to work out. He is obviously disappointed in the evangelical community for essentially silencing one of their own as well as" trying to prevent him from influencing their stronghold. But he is still in the game and fighting the good fight. You are in our thoughts Brandan. We encourage you. You have our support!
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