Brian Houston, the Church, Pedophilia, and the Law

"Brian Houston's Law" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Brian Houston relives the day he found out his dad was a pedophile. He admits he knew right away that it was criminal. He also admits that he didn't report it. He has his reasons. You know, I heard the Houstons speak here many years ago. I was impressed by them. I liked them. They were real, attractive, and inspirational. I also sympathize with the bewilderment he must've been under with this revelation about his dad. What a tough spot to be in! But the law doesn't exist just to prevent criminals. It also exists to protect victims. When I was a pastor of a local church the laws were clear, and thepolice and our insurance company made sure that we understood them. Why? Not just to protect ourselves, but to protect... usually... women and children. We were told that sexual abuseis criminal. We were also told that failing to report it is criminal. Because (usually) the women, the children! The church, as this cartoon hopefully portrays, has a very complicated relationship to the law. On the one hand, it is free from it. On the other hand, it might confuse this with being above it. The church often possesses a ghetto mentality, ideologically and really cut off from the real world, where it feels it can handle all problems internally. I think the Catholic church has actually made this policy. Watch Spotlight. Not so. Please.
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