brother Yun, the Heavenly Man

What a day! I started reading a book that one of my friends/church members gave me to read: The Heavenly Man: The Remarkable True Story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun. It is knocking me out! One sentence captures one of the things I want to come out of the closet on:

"As Christians we are not to live by any vision or dream, nor should we seek after them. We must only live by the Word of God and seek the face of Jesus. But we should also be open to allow the Lord to speak to us in these ways if this is how he wants to. Any vision or dream we receive needs to be carefully weighed against the Scriptures, as nothing from God will ever contradict his Word."

I've had dreams and visions through which God spoke to me. I've also had prophesies given to me that I know were from the Spirit. I plan on blogging about that kind of stuff soon. But how they played such a crucial role in the life and ministry of Brother Yun is fascinating. If you can get your hand on this book, get it! It's a gripping read.

I actually felt ashamed of my own performance as a Christian. The incredible sufferings this man has been through, and I have one bad day and question God.

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