Can Art Help Improve Your Mental health?

sculpture gratitude by nakedpastor david hayward
"Gratitude" (stone sculpture... see more HERE).

Can Art Help Improve Your Mental Health?

“Art is coming face to face with yourself” - Jackson Pollock

I love this quote.

Sometimes creating art can feel scary.
Sometimes sharing art can feel TERRIFYING.

But I’m working on accepting myself and showing myself. My art plays a big role in unpacking who I was and who I am becoming on this long journey of self-awareness.

I think art (both the creation and the enjoyment of it) is a wonderful and powerful tool for improving our moods and releasing our feelings into the universe.

When I create art, it’s because something has moved me. Then, my art in turn starts a ripple effect that carries on out to every person that sees or hears it and is impacted by that art.

When you put out art that means something to you, it creates a space for reflection in your living area, it helps your self-expression, and can change your mood just by being there.

Art is transportive and transformative. 

I believe that art is a tool that can help improve your mental health. Being creative, in whatever small way you do it, is something that empowers you and brings something new into the world that otherwise would not be there.

Never think, “I am not an artist.” I claim everyone is creative in their own way… from baking a cake to designing an architectural wonder like the Guggenheim!

When you realize you can play a part of that, it is and feels empowering!


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