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A show interviewed me today. I'll post it as soon as it is up. But I was asked an interesting question. He asked me how I stand being criticized every day and getting nasty emails and messages all the time. Well, for one thing, if I give it I have to take it. I'm in the critiquing business. I always check my work before I post it to make sure it is constructive criticism and not just mean. I wrote a whole post about the etiquette of critique, and I always try to make sure I follow my own advice. I always want my critiques to be fair and done in such a way that it doesn't prevent, damage or jeopardize my relationship with others. Secondly, I said that you get used to it after a while. You develop a thick skin. When you are certain about what you are doing and are passionate about it, you can withstand pretty severe criticism and attacks. It's like playing the guitar. After a while you develop callouses on your fingertips that enable you to play better and longer. What was most interesting to me though was that the interviewer knew how much I got negative press. He said that he sees all that goes on around my blog and the things that are being said. That was interesting. There is a storm around nakedpastor. That's for sure! I tell everybody that engaging others online, like on Facebook, is like the Thunderdoom. You don't come out of there without some cuts and bruises. But if you like a good fight and you think the fight is worth it, then you do it gladly. But expect to get stabbed in the back, slapped around, spit upon and kicked while you're down. Some people delight in doing that. I have some friends that have quit Christianity altogether just for this reason. They were tired of the infighting. It is just too ridiculous for them to put up with anymore. I understand. I still want in the game though. In fact, I want to go to the big league.
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