Challenging the Controlling Pastor

"Controlling Pastor" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

(Description: A man stands before a pastor at his desk: "I think you're very controlling and from now on I want to be treated with respe..." Next the pastor pushes a button under his desk and the man falls through a hole in the floor.)

I've challenged controlling leadership several times and every time I was removed... either fired if it was a job or kicked out if I was a member. 

Challenging controlling leadership was basically my goodbye speech. 

"Here's a box. You've got 10 minutes to collect your things and leave the building."

Controlling pastors don't think they're controlling. They think they are strong leaders with the equivalent of the divine right of kings. 

If you challenge it you're gone.

I don't like being controlled so I was glad to leave anyway.

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LOL – that’s exactly what happened in my last church-to me and several others (in fact your drawing of the pastor looks an awful lot like our former “pastor”. )

Tom Michaud

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