Choosing Questions as a Way of Life

Choosing Questions as a Way of Life

"Choosing Questions as a Way of Life" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


You must choose questions as a way of life.

They make the best life partners.

You can't just date questions.

You can't have one night stands with questions.

They're not into that.

When questions enter your life, you have a choice to either reject them or choose them.

But, once you choose them, then you will have to say ‚ "I do" until death do you part.

Yes, they make life challenging.

But they also make it full of adventure, mystery, depth, and great joy.

The thing is, questions don't necessarily lead to anything else but more questions.

Deeper ones. More mysterious ones. More meaningful ones.

Once you realize this, your life will become very rich.

Questions will spoil you for anything else.

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