Christianity a religion among many

Isn't religion a strange thing? And doesn't it do strange things to us? Aaron Alexis goes on a shooting rampage and one of the burning questions is, "Why would a Buddhist do such a thing?" If he was a Muslim many would conclude that he did it because of his religion. If he was a Christian others would wonder what went wrong with his Christian background that would lead him to this. Religion has created great people as well as monsters. There have been great people and monsters not created by religion as well. We use religion when it is convenient and neglect it when it isn't. It is a commodity. Christianity is my heritage. It is in my DNA. It is sewn into my genes. It is my roots. I do not despise or reject my roots. And even though it has also become my preference, I see it for what it is. I dug deeply enough that I have found my roots completely entangled with the roots of other religions. In fact, I share my roots with all as they do with mine. They nourish each other. *** Hey! Why not think about joining our online community The Lasting Supper? It's a very dynamic, growing and supportive group, which I love.
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