Church and Bible

church and bible cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: A man tries reaching for God but is chained to the Church and the Bible and can’t reach.

I know these cartoons of mine sometimes offend some people.

That’s because some people equate the Church and the Bible to God.

When in reality the Church is simply the gathering of those who talk about God and the Bible is a collection of writings of people who talk about God.

The Bible points to God.

The Church is people looking at the Bible pointing to God.

An important revelation in my life was when I realized that I depended on the Bible and the Church for my spiritual awareness and growth.

When in fact they are only aids. Good ones, but just aids.

We know from the Bible itself that it’s possible to study the Bible thinking it leads to eternal life.

We also know from the Bible it’s possible to mistakenly think that because you go to Church you have a special relationship with God.

Maybe the guy in this cartoon will catch on soon.

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