coffee, freedom, and Augustine

I'm up early drinking coffee and getting my message ready to teach at our church. I'm teaching from Psalm 142. As Augustine said, "Our hearts are restless until they rest in thee." That touches on the theme this morning. Here's a painting I did recently, which is available in my EBAY STORE. This is the kind of art I'm doing right now. My art is about space, room, unclutteredness, distance, perspective, and freedom. I'm beginning to realize that this one word, "freedom", is THE operative word for me and rather central to everything I do. Even my music has been accused of having to much "space" in it. But this is what I'm about, without apology. This is what captivates me (excuse the bad pun, especially in reference to freedom), motivates me, and guides me in almost everything I do. As a pastor, this is what I believe is my driving force. I love seeing people liberated from the religious spirit and brought out into a spacious place. So, take a look! peaceful night walk

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