Come As You Are

Come As You Are

come as you are cartoon


This was inspired by a friend on Tiktok who said that churches, when they say, "Come as you are!" usually mean "Leave as WE are!"

She gave me permission to use it for inspiration for this cartoon. 

Has this been your experience?


I’m confused OA. Sounds to me like you went the complete opposite of where you’re claiming to have gone.

Somehow you went from loving other people, ‘found God,’ and then used Him to decide/justify only loving certain people instead of everyone? God made you a bigot?

This is really strange to me, more than a little Stockholm-syndromish. “I love Him so much that I’m giving up everything I am to follow what someone’s telling me I should believe to be what He wants.”. Replace Him and He with any other name or title in that statement, and we’d rightly label it abusive.

Where does Jesus say to only love one type of person? I don’t remember that in the Bible. Sorry, but I need more information.


I went through a process through which God brought me out alive. He’s the reason I have forgiven a certain person who has hurt me very hard, and why I didn’t commit the “make-myself-die”. (I really wanted to off myself though.)

On a separate note, when I first started reading the Bible, I hated what I saw in it (I suppose I don’t have to point out which passages I am talking about, provided that the website’s topic-of-focus is obvious). Yet it is the same God who proved to me that it’s worth trusting him and believing what he says, even when it stings. The same God who people take offense from is the one who made me throw my suicide pills away.

This verse just came to me in my thoughts: “Be transformed by the renewing of your minds.” (Romans 12:2)
He took away my bitterness in a way that’s very similar to the snap of a finger, about a year ago.
I don’t really care anymore that God disapproves of certain kinds of affections. He has brought me this far and proved to me that I can lean on him and he is here when I need someone to turn to during my pain. The best of all: It’s mostly joy that fills me, not pain. When I get annoyed with what God says, I remember the times when God took away my pain and made me know in my heart that he cares about me. I no longer really care that I can’t “love who I want.” God made me fall in love with him and he promises me (and you too!) a meaningful life. Read Jeremiah 29:11-13.

I love that God did transform me, from somebody who knew his word and hated him, into somebody who loves him, together with the “painful” things he says. Someone else who has a similar background to me said in his testimony video that Jesus told him “I am here and I will forgive you. I will love you. Just humble your heart. Just humble yourself.”

(Also, I just did a quick search to find in which book and chapter the aforementioned quote was from, cause I didn’t remember. That Bible verse ends like this: “Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”)

You have to live it for yourself to get it. And you won’t regret it.

Lots of love. You can e-mail me if you want.


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