Committed to Love

This last weekend I was at a conference. One day one of the speakers spoke on love. I was moved to desire to love more deeply. Here's some of the commitments I made:
  1. I relinquish all control of others, and commit to the liberation all people.
  2. I choose to be kind, even to the meanest.
  3. I celebrate the success of others, even my enemies.
  4. I refuse to protect, secure or improve my reputation.
  5. I renounce pride, and consider others as better than I.
  6. I decline making demands, even when it would be expected and accepted.
  7. I forsake irritation, even with the most irritating.
  8. I quit resentment, and keep no record of any wrongs done against me.
  9. I work for and celebrate justice for others.
  10. I propagate the truth of unconditional love, confident that it will win the day.
  11. I will not give up on, lose faith in, or cease hoping for anyone.
  12. I choose a love that endures through all circumstances.
That should keep me occupied. At least for today. twitter me
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