Let me think out loud for a minute. When people gather together in community around a commonality*, the potential for it to be overtaken by the principalities and powers is immediate. This is what we must constantly wrestle against. There is the temptation for my community identified as Rothesay Vineyard identifying with the principality called "Rothesay Vineyard", which is the composite of all human and angelic desires, wishes, agendas and expectations for Rothesay Vineyard. There is the even broader danger of us identifying with the principalities called "Vineyard", "Church" and "Christian". It is most difficult for a community to simply be a gathering of people without the pressure of ideals being pressed upon it. I consider it injurious to our community to imagine what this community should be. I regard it toxic to communal life to impose upon it my plans or goals. Vision corrupts the community that is. To even talk in passionately imaginative ways about what our community could be feels adulterous to me. It perverts love into fantasy. The principalities and powers, like in every other age, are presently in full swing. These things need to be discerned. Why? Because they appear brilliant and good to the contemporary mind. But they have one purpose, and that is first to oppress, then to possess, then to ultimately deliver death to the person and to the people. *I realize this isn't a word, but I invented it to describe something around which a community agrees, whether it be marriage, family, religion, belief, faith, politic, capitalism, etc., etc..

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