confessional blogging... should we?

This is my new idea for my blog. You ve heard about that postcard project where Frank Warren left blank postcards around with a return address on them, and he invited people to write their deepest secret on it and mail it to him. As a result, he wrote PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives, a book full of these anonymous confessions. I want to do something similar on this site. Since it is nakedpastor, a site where I try to be as transparent as possible as a pastor, I m sure there are other pastors out there who may have something to say. It will be a weekly post from another pastor sharing whatever he or she wants to share with those who read my blog. Pastors: you can send me an email and I promise I will keep the post entry you submit completely confidential. Only I will see who wrote it. If there was a way to conceal who sent the email, even better. Just be assured that I will maintain the highest code of confidentiality. I promise! Let s give it a shot. Pastors:send in a confession. It can be about anything in your life. Be transparent and honest. It will be interesting the kinds of responses and comments your posts will receive. It will, I suspect, benefit many because, #1, people will see that pastors are real people too; and #2, those who write a post will receive feedback. Everybody let me know what you think about this idea. Should we try it?

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