Contending Forces

Do not think that the principalities and powers are a unified force. They are in competition with one another for authority and power. Even though they might have a common cause in the dehumanizing of people, they all aggressively contend for our allegiance and downfall.

I get all kinds of opposition and criticism on a daily basis. There are constant pressures with the sole purpose of dehumanizing and demoralizing me. Even though I do not wrestle with flesh and blood but with the principalities and powers, they often manifest themselves in the words and actions of others. I would be a fool to think that this was one unified front against me. No, because even these forces are often contestants against one another, enemies with each other, and at odds with their motives, desires and intentions for me.

I sometimes compare it to being attacked by a flock of bats: in the dark, panic, fear and the maddening blindness of overwhelming confusion. It's at times like this when I must breathe deeply, calm myself, do not worry, be wise and rest in peace and joy that I am cared for. And be loved by my wife and family and closest friends.

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