conversion to the fundamentalist mindset

"Fundamentalist Mindset" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Some see the world in black and white. Some see the world in a vast array of diversity of color. I originally titled this cartoon "Conversion to the Religious Mindset". But it's not just religion where we find fundamentalism in full force. It's in the mind, no matter what sphere it finds itself in. The fundamentalist mindset is the problem. Chris Hedges expresses his opinion on fundamentalism in his fascinating book I Don't Believe in Atheists:
"The blustering televangelists, and the atheists who rant about the evils of religion, are little more than carnival barkers. They are in show business, and those in show business know complexity does not sell. They trade clichés and insults like cartoon characters. They don masks. One wears the mask of religion, the other wears the mask of science. They banter back and forth in predictable sound bites. They promise, like all advertisers, simple and seductive dreams. This debate engages two bizarre subsets who are well suited to the television culture because of the crudeness of their arguments. One distorts the scientific theory of evolution to explain the behavior and rules for complex social, economic and political systems. The other insists that the six-day story of creation in Genesis is fact and Jesus will descend from the sky to create the kingdom of God on Earth. These antagonists each claim to have discovered an absolute truth. They trade absurdity for absurdity. They show that the danger is not religion or science. The danger is fundamentalism."
It's not religion. It's not science. It's the mind. Do you want to discuss things like this with others who get it?Please join me in my online community The Lasting Supper.
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