Creative Being, Living & Working

I wrote a little on creativity yesterday. I didn't focus on creativity in your work or in ministry on purpose. But if you want to live a new life, a creative life, a transformed life, then all the same tips apply.The toughest resistance is closest to home. My "style" of Christianity, spirituality, ministry or pastoring meets resistance from far and wide as well as close at hand. But it's not so difficult to press on if I meet resistance from a distant stranger. It gets tougher if it's a friend or someone I trust. It gets even tougher if it's from my own family. It gets even tougher still if it's my wife or best friend or church or someone else I respect. The herd, the community, the family, the culture, the cult or whatever strongly resists independent living and penalizes those who try it. Which leads me to believe, therefore, that the greatest resistance to transformative living is within our own hearts and minds. It's fear of rejection, isolation, alienation and exclusion. We need the courage to be new creations in spite of the feared cost and loss. The invitation is to a new kind of living. I encourage people to be fiercely independent in their thinking, living and working. Then I give them unlimited space. This is what you, I, and the world needs. And we need it now! The fine art photograph is the creation of my friend Jorgen Klausen, and is from his "metamorphosis" series.
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