Creflo Dollar and the subtle art of being heretical

"Cash Cross" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Creflo Dollar posted a statement" on Facebook last week that caused a stir:
"Jesus bled and died for us so that we can lay claim to the promise of financial prosperity."
It's presumed it caused so much controversy that the post was taken down. Didn't the same kind of thing happen earlier this year when he asked us to donate sixty million dollars so he could get a new jet? The public outrage was so strong he backed off. Actually, he" became more discrete. In other words, you can be heretical, but not too explicitly. You can be wrong, but not too obviously. Heresy can be inferred from what you say, but not heard in what you say. The health-wealth gospel, or prosperity gospel, has been considered heresy for a long time now by most theologians. But apparently there are enough people and supporters to keep it alive. Abundantly alive! Prosperously alive! I think, though, that the majority of these people are Christians who believe that Jesus' primary work on the cross was for their" salvation, not their" wallets. Even though I think Creflo Dollar is constantly inferring that it's all about the money, it was only when he came right out and said it that he got slapped. It was too vulgar. I was listening to a magician being interviewed recently. He said the weird thing about practicing for a show is that most performers, athletes, artists, etc, prepare to display their skills openly for everyone to see, whereas magicians practice on hiding what they're" doing. Most performers practice to reveal, but magicians practice to conceal. Could this be what Dollar is doing? Rather than being explicit and showing his hand, he practices slight of hand, distraction, illusion, and diversion in order to keep his customers" entertained and paying. But last week he slipped up and revealed his trick to blatantly. Maybe the trick used to be that he somehow miraculously got your money from your pocket to his, and it was very entertaining. But now you know he got Jesus to do it for him. And that's just not right because we know Jesus wouldn't do that! So... lesson learned. If you want to be a successful heretic, cloak" it! Are you questioning" magical thinking? Come join others like you" at The Lasting Supper.
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