Dave Ramsey, power, and dissent

"Dave Ramsey, Power, and Dissent" (cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward) This is an interesting story developing about Dave Ramsey, the famous evangelical Christian finances teacher. Listen: when I critique the words and actions of someone, that doesn't mean I believe they're a monster. Ramsey has said and done good things, no doubt. It's the abuse of power that concerns the nakedpastor. But when I read about what's going on, I am not at all surprised. I worked for an international ministry where dissent was demonic, where fear tactics were a daily strategy, where intimidation was the normal way of communicating, and where threats were insidiously suggested in every communique and memo. Again, this isn't to say that the ministry or its leader were monstrous. They did good things. But their abuse of power was phenomenal. I didn't last long, and all the things happening around Ramsey's company, Lampo Group, are disturbingly familiar. It's not about the money. It's about what money buys: power. Control freaks thrive on it, and any hint of dissent is crushed before it takes hold and silenced as soon as possible. No criticism will be relieved of being hunted down. The accusation of gossip is used by those who desire total control and demand total subservience. The desire for power leads to the desire for absolute power. Those who are without power and are okay with that don't care what people think or say about them. Gossip is a non-issue for the meek of the earth.
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