Death of the Ego Now!

Death of the Ego Now!

no_45.gifYears ago, in 1991, I read a short but powerful book by Krishnamurti. It's a book I visit at least once a year. When I read these lines, I wrote them down in my journal and commented on them. Here's his quote and my response:

Only the deep, constant demand of the brain for the physical security of the organism is inherent. Symbols are a device of the brain to protect the psyche; this is the whole process of thought. The me is a symbol, not an actuality. Having created the symbol of the me , thought identifies itself with its conclusion, with the formula, and then defends it: all misery and sorrow come from this.

Here's what I wrote in response to this quote:

I wrote the above entry and felt fear. The horror of realizing that all thought is the attempt of the brain to protect itself psychologically and to perpetuate the ego! I realized that it is this that must die. This fear is a lack of courage to do it. It prevents me from seeing the whole truth of it, because the seeing would be the dying. I m afraid of ending, or becoming insane. I m afraid of dying. The doctrine of the resurrection teaches that there is nothing permanent in man. When I die, I die altogether! Nothing lingers. Resurrection means complete mercy for something completely dead. I contain nothing immortal . No infinite soul.

I still hold this to be profoundly true. And it necessarily must affect all that I am and do. I perceive that almost all of our efforts, personal and religious, are to avoid death. This must end!

The fine art photograph is the creation of my friend Jorgen Klausen.

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