Deconstruct For You. Inspire Others.

demon of deconstruction cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: A woman walks away from a church. The pastor says, “She has a demon of deconstruction!” Another woman inside the church thinks, “Then why do I envy her?”


Deconstruct for yourself. That’s the point: spiritual independence.

Like the oxygen mask that drops down in front of you on a plane. That’s for you! Once you’re breathing fine, then you help your child with theirs.

If you’re deconstructing, you may be accused of being selfish. You may feel selfish.

After a lifetime of serving others, I decided it was ME time! I needed to take care of myself.

I was accused of having a spirit, leaving my calling, betraying Jesus, backsliding, losing my anointing, God’s hand lifted off of my life, unwise, selfish, reckless, you name it.

But I had to see it through. Even though I felt it was happening to me, I obviously needed it. So I honored it.

And I’m glad I did.

I feel more free than ever.
I have the peace of mind I’d always sought.
I’m happy.

And I gained my own agency, which means I act independently and make my own free choices.

So, I shared my journey openly.

I started using the word “deconstruction” back in 2006 to refer to the necessary act of eliminating all that is superfluous in the church and our spiritual lives.

It felt lonely back then. Now everyone’s talking about it, for good or ill.

I think I inspired people to deconstruct. 

Just as you inspire me to be my best self too.

Because when you are your authentic independent self, it inspires me to be too.

Thank you!

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