bible breakup cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: Sarah is on a couch with her Bible. She’s breaking up with it.


I grew up on the Word. My Daily Bread. 

I leaned not on my own understanding. Just the Bible.

If you opened my skull, you would find not a brain but a Bible.

Imagine the trauma when I realized, on graduation day from a seminary where I got my Masters in New Testament Studies, that the Bible was not inspired, inerrant, or infallible.

I was devastated.

Here’s how it looks now:

I appreciate the Bible as writings by men attempting to explain their apprehension of reality. They were both written and selected by men who were embedded in their time and culture… written and transmitted and collected over centuries. 

So the Bible is pointing to what it thinks truth is. In fact, it’s many fingers pointing in many directions. But it is only the finger pointing, not the truth itself.

Therefore, I appreciate it because it may convey truth through its version(s) of reality. 

I no longer believe it has magical, supernatural, or divine power over me.

So I relieved the Bible from ruling me.

I repossess my agency and become my own boss.

This may challenge you. You may fear the consequences of putting the Bible in its place and assuming authority over your life.

The fact is everyone interprets the Bible their way. Even those who insist the Bible has sole authority over their lives, what they mean and don’t acknowledge is that their interpretation of the Bible is the sole .authority over their lives… which is, in the end, themselves.

So be intentional about it. 

You are your own master. Help yourself!

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