Deconstruction: You Didn't See It Coming But It Was

i am deconstruction by nakedpastor david hayward

A man says to Jesus, “Jesus! My beliefs are changing. I have tons of questions and feel like I’m losing my faith. I’m afraid I’m deconstructing. Please help me!” Jesus replies, “But I AM deconstruction!”


Whether you believe in Jesus or not as a divine savior…
Whether you believe in Jesus or not as a historical figure…

I think we can agree that the gospels and his teaching portray him as a disrupter.

Socially and personally he always provoked change.

When I say that I appreciate my roots but I don’t let them limit me, I mean that I’m thankful for my religious upbringing, my obsession with the bible and my devotion to Jesus, because I truly believe I wouldn’t be who I am today unless I was who I was then.

Neither would you be who you are now unless you were who you were then.

So, if you’re experiencing deconstruction, you need to know that this new thing has been germinating for a while.

You didn’t see it coming, but it was.

Something planted the seed.
Something caused it to germinate.
Something caused it to poke through.
Something caused it to grow.
Something caused it to blossom.
Something will cause it to bear fruit.

Just look at you!
Here you are!

This chaos called deconstruction that you’re experiencing is the natural progression of your spiritual growth.

You’re not crazy.
You’re not backsliding.
You’re not being deceived.

You’re growing!

Accept it.
Embrace it.
Enjoy it.
Celebrate it.


You’re becoming more self-aware.
You’re becoming more authentic.
You’re becoming wiser.
More compassionate.
More empathetic.
More you.

I’m proud of you.

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